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Spokane County 4-H

Contact Spokane County 4-H Staff


Gary Varrella, (full-time) Spokane County 4-H Educator, 509.477.2163, Fax 509.477.2087

Kate McCloskey, (full-time) 4-H Horse Program Coordinator, 509.477.2165,
Fax 509.477.2087

Michelle Weitman, (part-time) 4-H Program Coordinator, 509.477.2166, Fax 509.477.2087

Karen Hammock, (part-time, grant-based) Operation Military Kids 4-H Liason, 509.477.2649,
Fax 509-477-2087

Summer Goetz, (part-time) 4-H Educator, Small Animals Projects, 509.477.2199, Fax 509.477.2087

Elizabeth Bauer, (part-time, grant-based) Tech Wizards Science Projects Co-Coordinator, 509-477-2199

Bettina Watson, (part-time, grant-based) Tech Wizards Science Projects Co-Coordinator, 509-477-2199


Diversity of program opportunities

Cats * Cavies * Clothing &Textiles * Dogs * Equine *Environment-Science-Engineering-Technology*

Expressive Arts * Foods & Nutrition * Large Animals * Leadership &Citizenship * Mechanical Sciences *

Military  Kids Clubs * Pocket Pets  * Poultry  *  Rabbits * Shooting Sports * Sports Fishing *            


Standing County Level Committees

Budget & Fund Raising: 1st Monday, 5:30 pm

General Projects: 3rd Tues, 6:30 pm

Horse Projects: 2nd Tues, 7:00 pm

Large Animals Projects : Schedule to be for updates on the web site

Teen Advisory Group: 4th Tuesday, 6:00 p.m.

Shooting Sports: Schedule to be for updates on the web site

Small Animals Projects : 1st Mon, 6:30 pm

èNote: Not all standing committees meet each month. Check the website calendar to confirm meeting date and time @


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